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Catering to wedding bliss and corporate success

Since 1968 GG’s has helped many relationships bond stronger through exceptional food preparation and service execution! As a premier Portland area wedding caterer and corporate caterer we’ve evolved our menu through discovery of new recipes that inspire. Our suggested menus will tempt you, but our catering specialty is the ability to create a unique menu of your own that’ll satisfy both your taste & budget.

Minimum 20 people on most items. Delivery charge. Paper products $1.00 per person. Servers available on request.

Download our Catering Menu or a Complete Menu of all our exceptional food.

Package 1

Sweet & sour meatballs, chicken skewers with lime chili peanut sauce, quattro formaggi tartlets, bruschetta, shrimp puffs, specialty cheese tray, spinach dip and bread, fruit tray

17.50 per person
add salad 19.50 per person

Package 2

Deli sliced meats and cheeses, 2 salads of your choice, assorted breads, meatballs, veggie tray, and fruit tray

15.50 per person

Package 3

Chicken kebobs, 2 salads of your choice, bruschetta, specialty cheese tray, fruit tray, tartlets, rolls & butter

21.00 per person

Package 4

Baked salmon fillet with tarragon sauce, herbed au gratin potatoes, fruit tray, salad of your choice, bruschetta, chicken puff, specialty cheese tray, rolls & butter

37.50 per person

Package 5

Herb crusted sliced beef, rosemary au gratin potatoes, fruit tray, salad of your choice, bruschetta, shrimp puff, specialty cheese tray, rolls and butter

22.50 per person

Morning Pastry Tray

Small 12 pieces
Medium 24 pieces
Large 36 pieces
Quiche serves 8-10
Quiche individual 24 pieces

Additional Entrées & Sides

Mac & Cheese (1 gallon)
Tortellini with Pest Cream Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes
Roasted Vegetables
Pulled Pork (2 1/2 lb. minimum)
14.00 per lb.
Beef Brisket (2 1/2 lb. minimum)
16.25 per lb.
Side Entrées (for 12)
Chicken Artichoke
Chicken Genoa
Chicken Cordon Blue
Chicken Fettuccine